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Replica Eames DSW Eiffel Dining Table - 80cm - White

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Perfect size, easy to put together

I absolutely love this desk! Good amount of space so that I can put my chair in without snags, the filing draw is great but just keep in mind that it's an A4 sized width. And if we move, we can switch the corner over to the other side. Love it!

Fantastic item!

Finally chairs that are wide enough to sit comfortably in :-D

Wonderful service and great product

The desk is beautifully made, very clear and precise instrucions with everything labelled and easy to find. A very precise perso has thought it up. Its like doing a jigsaw with big pieces. Take your time and open the box to find all the pieces before starting. A wonderful desk, looks good and is solid.

Guest bed

We are very pleased with the mattress; it is comfortable and supports your body where needed. Delivered in a box which made it easy to get into a lift
We live in an apartment!

5 star review

All good. Product as expected and prompt, efficient service.