• Polaris Compass - Solid Brass Nautical
  • Polaris Compass - Solid Brass Nautical
  • Polaris Compass - Solid Brass Nautical
  • Polaris Compass - Solid Brass Nautical

Polaris Compass - Solid Brass

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Polaris compass. An instrument from a time when travel was an uncertain activity at best. Pilgrims, artists, and merchants followed ancient routes without much signage to show the way. If they didnt make the next wayside inn, local convent, or hospital by nightfall they might have to camp out in the open. Losing the way was a major risk in the ages before the Renaissance. A scientific instrument like a working compass or sundial was only available to the most affluent travelers. A compass opened the world to the inquisitive and enterprising. No wonder European explorers would venture into most of the unknown corners of the world in the following centuries. This handsome 17th century compass in solid brass with an antique bronze finish will add charm to any decor!


  • Since the North Star, Polaris is the guide of all navigators, this compass is a homage to the celestial body.
  • Simple in design yet efficient in performance.
  • The brass plating serves for both decorative and protective purposes.
  • Built to withstand the pressures of extreme weathers while maintaining critical navigating features.
  • Material: Metal
  • Colour: Brass


    • DIA 8.5 X H 1.2 CM
    Dispatch Timing Normally dispatched within 3 business days
    Notes This item comes with 12-Months Manufacturer Warranty

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