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Octahedron Platonic Figure Model - The Element Air


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Appearing in Luca Pacioli’s De Divina Proportoine (1509), Leonardo Da Vinci’s polyhedrons became a top source of admiration and study among scholars and even artist—seeking to learn the majestic beauty and complexity of geometry. The polyhedron is the brain child of mathematics and science hence its brilliance transcended from Ancient Greece to the revolutionary Renaissance.


  • The shapes corresponded to the natural elements: the cube is to earth, tetrahedron to fire, octahedron to air, iscosahedron to water and dodecahedron to heavenly ether.
  • The intrigue and ingenuity of these shapes are not only classic, but almost to a certain point, legendary.
  • Our products have successfully captured this essence and wishes to bring back grandeur to its name.
  • From delicate pieces of wood, skilled craftspeople hand construct these fragile forms, truly resembling the beauty and harmony of natures perfection. Enjoy the classic beauty and pleasing proportions of the timelessly intriguing shapes.
  • Material: Solid timber
  • Colour: Chocolate


    • W 23 X D 23 X H 23 CM
    Dispatch Timing Normally dispatched within 3 business days
    Notes This item comes with 12-Months Manufacturer Warranty

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