• Bb Korn Antique Racer Model Museum
  • Bb Korn Antique Racer Model Museum
  • Bb Korn Antique Racer Model Museum
  • Bb Korn Antique Racer Model Museum
  • Bb Korn Antique Racer Model Museum
  • Bb Korn Antique Racer Model Museum
  • Bb Korn Antique Racer Model Museum

BB Korn Antique Racer Model




Product Details

In the 1930’s, Spindizzies were the toy every boy wanted to have. These 1:8 scale models of racecars were surprisingly fast at 150mph when racing on wooden banked racetracks. Back then, a 1939 mini NASCAR happened on New York World’s Fair. These miniature racecars were a source of excitement for everyone. Imagine a corner of the 1939 New York World’s Fair. A throng of thousands massing around a mini car-drome where racecars are being prepared for a major race. The scream of the engines fills the air. A mini NASCAR, Le Mans, Nürbürgring… An American pastime; technology, cars, excitement!


  • Our production model still uses the 1930’s blueprint for the BB Korn.
  • Like the mini racecars in the 1930’s, ours is also hand built from aluminum brass—polished and recycled.
  • This means all the details a collector of vintage racecars wants to see is there.
  • The tires are made of real rubber and the wheels are also aluminum.
  • However, our model is only for display so you will not find a working engine within it.
  • This brand new production come fully assembled out of the box.
  • Maaterials: Metal, rubber and faux leather
  • Colour: Silver


    • W 52.5 X D 24.5 X H 17.5 CM
    Dispatch Timing Normally dispatched within 3 business days
    Notes This item comes with 12-Months Manufacturer Warranty

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    Excellent product

    Totally loving this item!


    Excellent product and service, worth every cents.

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    Fantastic item!

    Finally chairs that are wide enough to sit comfortably in :-D

    Wonderful service and great product

    The desk is beautifully made, very clear and precise instrucions with everything labelled and easy to find. A very precise perso has thought it up. Its like doing a jigsaw with big pieces. Take your time and open the box to find all the pieces before starting. A wonderful desk, looks good and is solid.

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